Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter Favorites!

Guys, ITS SPRING, tomorrow that is. So now it is time for my winter favorites. Ok, so i am lucky, i live in flordia and we do not get a lot of cold weather here, even in the winter. But, my cousins live in Michigan and i also have realitives in Ohio, Minnesota, and a few in Canada, therefore i visit those places A LOT in the winter seasons. My family has an over load of winter birthdays, and Chistmas is a HUGE holiday for my HUGE family, so we alternate where we have it every year. This year we had our family birthday, a celebration if all our winter birthdays, in Ohio, and we had our family Christmas in Michigan. I also visited my grandparents in Canada for two weeks during the winter season. So, as you can see, I get a fair share of the winter weather. I will be doing this post for all of my absolute favorite winter products.

First, I have define a line eyeliner in black. I love this eyeliner! I use it in my upper lashline and it stays all day, and the color never fades! And get this, the color is sooo rich and beautiful i only needed ONE swipe and i was covered!

I've already reviewed this, but i love it. It's a perfact setting powder, and i can wear it alone!

OK, so this is not from the drugstore, but i wanted to mention it. I love this foundation. Its PERFACT for dry, sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft, light, and smooth!I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a good foundation!

Next, is maybelline one by one mascara. Its great! And its CHEAP! I refuse to use lashblast becasue its like 8 bucks, and this is only 6, and to me it does the job.

Last, I will do hair products! I love Pantene! Espessily this product. It smells AMAZING, not to miss that it leaves your hair so so soft and beautiful! I can ONLY find it at Meijer at my cousins though! They dont have it here like anywhere! I have to get mine online, or my cousins ship it to me sometimes, so if your from Fort Meyers and you know where to get this, PLEASE tell me! 

Finally, Shampooie and conditiner! Mousture balance is soo good for my dry winter hair! This is the best product i have used on it so far!

Hope this helps guys, and please, please note that I make this blog for those people who need help finding products that actually WORK and i will NOT review or mention anyhting that I just want to review to make the company look bad. Everything is my open and honest opinion. Remeber to follow me on twitter ( or e-mail me to get a hold of me directly, (
God Bless (:!

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