Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rimmel London haul!

I have to admitt, I love Rimmel London products because they are inexpencive, and good quality! I went to Target and I took a look at a few products i'd like to review! Enjoy!

First Rimmel soft kohl eye pencil in pure white. Sorry that this picture is hard to see, but this is the only one i could find. I think its so bennificial to have a white liner cause it brightens your eyes and makes you look awake! This eye pencil is very inexpencive at around $3.75 and it goes on my waterline quite nicely! Over all i am glod i made the purchace!

OK, so my next item is this eyefull eye pencil! I am unsure the exact name of the color but it is the one in the picture. I love the color so much! it is so so pretty! It goes on lighter than the pencil looks and has shimmers of gold and sliver. My only problem is it creases ):! I have this problem with a lot of cream based eye pencils but i found a way to fix it! After applying, simply apply a small ammount of powder eye shodow with the same shade, or a complimenting shade such as a sliver, pale gold, or white. It stays on and doesnt crease!

The last product i am going to review is the stay matter pressed powder in translucent. Even though I live in flordia, I don't live on the beach, and i do not have a very good tan in the winter. This color matches my skin tone perfactly! I love it! Its so light weight, not cakey, and very soft on my skin! It doesnt make my skin irritated and it covers  all mmy redness, so i can wear it alone, or use it as a setting powder.

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