Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Hair Straightening Routine

My hair is just bland, it isn't straight and it's not curly, it is just whatever. there are some days when it decides it wants to look cute naturally, so i can wear it as such but mostly it needs something. It takes me about 25  min to straighten and about 45 to curl, so i straighten it like 99.584618% of the time. Here is what i do and the tools i use:
1. Separate your hair into 2 or 3 sections (depending on thickness/curliness). Use a butterfly clip like so: 
(can purchase in different sizes, the larger for thicker hair)

2.Next, take your bottom most section and spray with a heat protecting spray. I use Pantene for Med. Thick hair.
3. Let it dry, then start to straighten hair by taking on to two inch sections. I use 

Hot N Silky Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 1" I purchaced this at Sally's Beauty Supply, for around 40 dollars. I will review at the end! 

4. Once you are done with the first layer, take the next one down and spray with the heat spray and continue the process until hair is to your satisfactory. 
5.Then take your hair and run a brush lightly sprayed with hair spray on it and run it though your hair. 
(i find this works well)
6. Now, for your last step pump a silk serum in your hands (one pump is enough) and  run your hands through your hair.

Expensive? Yes. Fantastic? Yes.
Then simply style as you wish! This process leaves my hair smooth and silky all day long! 


Flat iron: I hated it when i first got it. It made my hair static-y,
and frizzy, then i found out that that was my heat spray and stopped using it. problem solved. However i still didn't love it. It grew on me. now it is a solid 8/10 and i really like it. I dont use it every day so idk if it would work well with every day use. 

Spray: I love Pantene products they are awesome, but i only use this for the smell. I have to be honest it smells amazing! i am really not sure how heat styling sprays actually work, i dont see how, but im on a mission to look it up then i will blog about it! i like this one a solid 10/10

Hair Spray: I love it! it actually works like it says and its great! 10/10

Serum: Paul has done it again. I love this stuff it comes in that big bottle and it is like a bottle of silky heaven. DONT go over board cause it can make your hair feel oily. It makes your hail look and feel like a ball of silk! it is amazing and worth every penny! 

July/August Favorites

OK i am so sorry i haven't been on here! i lost my password, and am i the only one who finds this website completely confusing and complicated? so it has taken me a while to get things back in order! I just got home from Canada visiting my grandma, and she took me to a mall in Ohio to visit my uncle for a day, and while i was their i went to Ulta and got some products that i would like to tell you all about! These are all my July favorites! 
This is L'oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. I got it in Black.
Pros: Good length and volume
Cons: it clumps if you aren't careful cause the product itself is very runny and it takes a long time to dry. i mix it with one by one! It is a good product, but not by itself. Over all a 6/10

Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner In Bold Brown.
Pros: LOVE the color! it is a deep brown with a gold shimmer which makes my eyes (hazel) POP! It goes on so smooth and you dont need a lot of product.
Cons: Doesn't stay on the waterline without a setting shadow or something, and it might just be the one i got, but the mechanical part is really hard to turn.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Smokey for Hazel Eyes
Pros: I got it last year but recently started using it. I love all of the colors! they are really pigmented and just great products! i have already hit pan and i haven't been using them but 2 months now! (that's how much i use them)

Cover Girl Loose Powder Oil Control

(I don't have oily skin so i need a moisturizer under it)
Pros: Coverage is great and it is an amazing setting powder. It also has so much in it i'll  never run out! 
Cons: It doesn't do well with sweat and heat and when i get hot all the blood immeditly rushes to my face so i sweat it off a lot! 

Ok you caught me, i didn't get this at Ulta. I get it from a book store in my grandmas home town to read on the way home from Canada, and it is amazing! i just got back and i am already on page 329! i have been reading it since about July 30th or so, and it is great, it has a slow start but if you are a reader bare with me and get it! its really good! 

OH and i went to the Bahamas so here is a pic of the beach!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am really sorry i have been gone for so long, not that anyone really reads this blog anyways, but I have been really absent, since March to be exact, so I am sorry. I  went to my Grandmas in Canada for a few weeks and then in Ohio with my aunt and cousins cause of family issues and I havent been able to get to a computer! While I was not on here, I was trying out a few new products that i dont seem to have pictures of, but one is Neutragena (spelling, sorry it's like 3am) Eye makeup remover. It is really good! idk if there are different kinds but mine is purple if that helps! Second is Olay face cleansing whipes. I have been using Say Yes To Cucumbers for a while and wanted to adventure out so i got Olay, and there pretty good! The package i ahve is red, i think there like for wrinkles to be completely honest, but they are so gental, it really works out. Last thing is Loreal 360 face wash, which is pretty solid. You could go with out the scrubber thingy but i use the pink one and its pretty nice. It doesnt dry out my face! So again sorry! theres a little update! Love y'all and God Bless (:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of March: Reviews

Ok its that time of year again, the end of march! Is it just me or does march seem incredibly LONGER than any other month of the year! And i am SO glad its over! So, we have here some things that i have purchaced throughout mrach, some things I purchaced before, but mostly i used them the most this month. I have offically swiched from going to college in flordia, where i live, to going to college in Ohio. I know WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO THAT?!? Well, i am going into nursing and one of the best is in Colombus, so i dedcided it would be cheaper because i dont have to live on campus cause my aunt lives in columbus so i live with her now and i have been using a lot of different products cause i have a lot of dry skin and its freaking cold up here so that = more dryness.

One life saver that i usually dont use a lot in flordia cause i dont wear an overload of foundation is

This tinted mousterizer (sorry for the possible horrible spelling) I cant spell Physicians Formula either so i am sorry about that. But this is soo good for dry skin and it really helps with the cold winter months. So far, no complaints.

Second is Lash blast.. and....

i am not impressed. I was forced to get it cause it was on sale to meet my under 6 dollar guidelines. So i got it and i wish i hadent. I dont like the brush AT ALL and people seem to love it but i honeslty dont get it. It doesnt give any more volume than my one by one and i personally just dont seem impressed. It curles amazing though so thats a plus.

Lastly is NYX eye pallets, idk what the proper name is for them. The one on the left is the one I have its just a series of shimmery brows.

I love them! the color is so cute and shimmery and it brings the green out in my eyes! I love them and there cheap and like soft, idk how to explaine it! But there so good for only 7 bucks!

Ok so ill ttyl! Hope this helps and God Bless, and Good night!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Country Chic: Bath and Body Works Review

Guys, I am in love with a new lotion from B&BW!!! It's called Country Chic

It came with a free tote bag thing. It smells AMAZING!! I am unsure when it goes on sale because mine was free with purchace. It also makes my skin feel so soft, and i am usually allergic to perfumy lotions, and this is just awesome. The smell is so sweet, and it's not strong! I can't wait for the rest of the collection because i WILL buy the rest of the collection! This stuff is GOOD GOOD GOOD!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

End of Winter Update

Alright so I am going to post a little end-of-winter update:

update is i need HELP! MY LAPTOP IS BROKENNN! ): Its a compaq, dont buy them. My dad did cause he knew i needed one for my first semester of college, but i am a junior now, and  I actually need one that works. So my question is Mac? Is it worth the money? I mean my sister has one but it was onsale for a super good price, and i cant get that deal, so is it worth the money? I want to know cause its coming out of my pay check so i need to know! Please give me your HONEST opinion.

Winter Favorites!

Guys, ITS SPRING, tomorrow that is. So now it is time for my winter favorites. Ok, so i am lucky, i live in flordia and we do not get a lot of cold weather here, even in the winter. But, my cousins live in Michigan and i also have realitives in Ohio, Minnesota, and a few in Canada, therefore i visit those places A LOT in the winter seasons. My family has an over load of winter birthdays, and Chistmas is a HUGE holiday for my HUGE family, so we alternate where we have it every year. This year we had our family birthday, a celebration if all our winter birthdays, in Ohio, and we had our family Christmas in Michigan. I also visited my grandparents in Canada for two weeks during the winter season. So, as you can see, I get a fair share of the winter weather. I will be doing this post for all of my absolute favorite winter products.

First, I have define a line eyeliner in black. I love this eyeliner! I use it in my upper lashline and it stays all day, and the color never fades! And get this, the color is sooo rich and beautiful i only needed ONE swipe and i was covered!

I've already reviewed this, but i love it. It's a perfact setting powder, and i can wear it alone!

OK, so this is not from the drugstore, but i wanted to mention it. I love this foundation. Its PERFACT for dry, sensitive skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft, light, and smooth!I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a good foundation!

Next, is maybelline one by one mascara. Its great! And its CHEAP! I refuse to use lashblast becasue its like 8 bucks, and this is only 6, and to me it does the job.

Last, I will do hair products! I love Pantene! Espessily this product. It smells AMAZING, not to miss that it leaves your hair so so soft and beautiful! I can ONLY find it at Meijer at my cousins though! They dont have it here like anywhere! I have to get mine online, or my cousins ship it to me sometimes, so if your from Fort Meyers and you know where to get this, PLEASE tell me! 

Finally, Shampooie and conditiner! Mousture balance is soo good for my dry winter hair! This is the best product i have used on it so far!

Hope this helps guys, and please, please note that I make this blog for those people who need help finding products that actually WORK and i will NOT review or mention anyhting that I just want to review to make the company look bad. Everything is my open and honest opinion. Remeber to follow me on twitter ( or e-mail me to get a hold of me directly, (
God Bless (:!