Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am really sorry i have been gone for so long, not that anyone really reads this blog anyways, but I have been really absent, since March to be exact, so I am sorry. I  went to my Grandmas in Canada for a few weeks and then in Ohio with my aunt and cousins cause of family issues and I havent been able to get to a computer! While I was not on here, I was trying out a few new products that i dont seem to have pictures of, but one is Neutragena (spelling, sorry it's like 3am) Eye makeup remover. It is really good! idk if there are different kinds but mine is purple if that helps! Second is Olay face cleansing whipes. I have been using Say Yes To Cucumbers for a while and wanted to adventure out so i got Olay, and there pretty good! The package i ahve is red, i think there like for wrinkles to be completely honest, but they are so gental, it really works out. Last thing is Loreal 360 face wash, which is pretty solid. You could go with out the scrubber thingy but i use the pink one and its pretty nice. It doesnt dry out my face! So again sorry! theres a little update! Love y'all and God Bless (: