Saturday, August 6, 2011

July/August Favorites

OK i am so sorry i haven't been on here! i lost my password, and am i the only one who finds this website completely confusing and complicated? so it has taken me a while to get things back in order! I just got home from Canada visiting my grandma, and she took me to a mall in Ohio to visit my uncle for a day, and while i was their i went to Ulta and got some products that i would like to tell you all about! These are all my July favorites! 
This is L'oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. I got it in Black.
Pros: Good length and volume
Cons: it clumps if you aren't careful cause the product itself is very runny and it takes a long time to dry. i mix it with one by one! It is a good product, but not by itself. Over all a 6/10

Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner In Bold Brown.
Pros: LOVE the color! it is a deep brown with a gold shimmer which makes my eyes (hazel) POP! It goes on so smooth and you dont need a lot of product.
Cons: Doesn't stay on the waterline without a setting shadow or something, and it might just be the one i got, but the mechanical part is really hard to turn.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Smokey for Hazel Eyes
Pros: I got it last year but recently started using it. I love all of the colors! they are really pigmented and just great products! i have already hit pan and i haven't been using them but 2 months now! (that's how much i use them)

Cover Girl Loose Powder Oil Control

(I don't have oily skin so i need a moisturizer under it)
Pros: Coverage is great and it is an amazing setting powder. It also has so much in it i'll  never run out! 
Cons: It doesn't do well with sweat and heat and when i get hot all the blood immeditly rushes to my face so i sweat it off a lot! 

Ok you caught me, i didn't get this at Ulta. I get it from a book store in my grandmas home town to read on the way home from Canada, and it is amazing! i just got back and i am already on page 329! i have been reading it since about July 30th or so, and it is great, it has a slow start but if you are a reader bare with me and get it! its really good! 

OH and i went to the Bahamas so here is a pic of the beach!

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