Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Hair Straightening Routine

My hair is just bland, it isn't straight and it's not curly, it is just whatever. there are some days when it decides it wants to look cute naturally, so i can wear it as such but mostly it needs something. It takes me about 25  min to straighten and about 45 to curl, so i straighten it like 99.584618% of the time. Here is what i do and the tools i use:
1. Separate your hair into 2 or 3 sections (depending on thickness/curliness). Use a butterfly clip like so: 
(can purchase in different sizes, the larger for thicker hair)

2.Next, take your bottom most section and spray with a heat protecting spray. I use Pantene for Med. Thick hair.
3. Let it dry, then start to straighten hair by taking on to two inch sections. I use 

Hot N Silky Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron 1" I purchaced this at Sally's Beauty Supply, for around 40 dollars. I will review at the end! 

4. Once you are done with the first layer, take the next one down and spray with the heat spray and continue the process until hair is to your satisfactory. 
5.Then take your hair and run a brush lightly sprayed with hair spray on it and run it though your hair. 
(i find this works well)
6. Now, for your last step pump a silk serum in your hands (one pump is enough) and  run your hands through your hair.

Expensive? Yes. Fantastic? Yes.
Then simply style as you wish! This process leaves my hair smooth and silky all day long! 


Flat iron: I hated it when i first got it. It made my hair static-y,
and frizzy, then i found out that that was my heat spray and stopped using it. problem solved. However i still didn't love it. It grew on me. now it is a solid 8/10 and i really like it. I dont use it every day so idk if it would work well with every day use. 

Spray: I love Pantene products they are awesome, but i only use this for the smell. I have to be honest it smells amazing! i am really not sure how heat styling sprays actually work, i dont see how, but im on a mission to look it up then i will blog about it! i like this one a solid 10/10

Hair Spray: I love it! it actually works like it says and its great! 10/10

Serum: Paul has done it again. I love this stuff it comes in that big bottle and it is like a bottle of silky heaven. DONT go over board cause it can make your hair feel oily. It makes your hail look and feel like a ball of silk! it is amazing and worth every penny! 

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