Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of March: Reviews

Ok its that time of year again, the end of march! Is it just me or does march seem incredibly LONGER than any other month of the year! And i am SO glad its over! So, we have here some things that i have purchaced throughout mrach, some things I purchaced before, but mostly i used them the most this month. I have offically swiched from going to college in flordia, where i live, to going to college in Ohio. I know WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO THAT?!? Well, i am going into nursing and one of the best is in Colombus, so i dedcided it would be cheaper because i dont have to live on campus cause my aunt lives in columbus so i live with her now and i have been using a lot of different products cause i have a lot of dry skin and its freaking cold up here so that = more dryness.

One life saver that i usually dont use a lot in flordia cause i dont wear an overload of foundation is

This tinted mousterizer (sorry for the possible horrible spelling) I cant spell Physicians Formula either so i am sorry about that. But this is soo good for dry skin and it really helps with the cold winter months. So far, no complaints.

Second is Lash blast.. and....

i am not impressed. I was forced to get it cause it was on sale to meet my under 6 dollar guidelines. So i got it and i wish i hadent. I dont like the brush AT ALL and people seem to love it but i honeslty dont get it. It doesnt give any more volume than my one by one and i personally just dont seem impressed. It curles amazing though so thats a plus.

Lastly is NYX eye pallets, idk what the proper name is for them. The one on the left is the one I have its just a series of shimmery brows.

I love them! the color is so cute and shimmery and it brings the green out in my eyes! I love them and there cheap and like soft, idk how to explaine it! But there so good for only 7 bucks!

Ok so ill ttyl! Hope this helps and God Bless, and Good night!

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