Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mid-March Do'd and Don'ts

Its mid-march, and im going to be doing a do's and don'ts every month or two months or so in the middle of each month. Sometimes it will lean more twards advice and sometimes it will lean more twards do's and dont's. This month i'm shooting for dos and donts, so lets get started!!
Read reviews! They are your friends!!! Trust me on this!! Please! Reviews are there for you in making your decision. More times than one i have gone on a website to browse and i find a product that i think i'm going to like and i read what the website says and they are going to make it sound divine, and then you get it and it is HORRIBLE! But reviews dont lie! People are telling you how they feel about the product and most likely there not lieing. What i like to do is take 2 pages or so of reviews. Count the good ones and then count the bad ones. Find the advrage of each. Which one is heigher? Thats your answer, if there are more good, then buy it, if there are more bad, ditch it and move on!
March Example:
Smokey Shadow Blast by Covergirl. I HAD to have it! It looks sooo pretty on Drew in the commercials, i even looked online at a video on how to use it! Worst product ever. It, after one blink, goes in your crease! All of it! Its so greesey and heavy and just not good. I then looked online at reviews and i found that i wasnt the only one who felt this way.
REASURCH! Sometimes it seems reviews arent enough and it is perfactly normal to go online and cyber stock your next victim. I mean your next makeup/hair product. Google is your friend!!
March Example:
I learned from my shadow blast malfunction so i looked up a new foundation i have been dieing to try. It was by Tarte, so i knew i'd be paying a really good deal of money on it. I have really dry skin and I needed a liquid foundation that will cover that all day and not dry out my skin or leave a heavy, cakey feeling. I reasurched it and got it and it was amazing! Best product ever and i plan to include it in my witer favorites! However, I did say im going to steer clear of non-drugstore products so i will NOT be doing a review on it, i will just simply breefly explain it. If you want a full review on it REQUEST it by e-mailing me on here, commenting, or e-mailing me at
Always listen to the sales assicociate. I know thats their job, to tell you what is, and isnt a good idea and such, but most times there paid commision. That means they get paid for the products they sell. So there going to try and sell you the most expencive thing they can give to you! Espessily in this ecconomy. So what i suggest is that you know what you want going onto a store, so when you need an answer, have a question like "would this product cover my redness?" or "What kind of coverage does this foundation give?" And if they answer with no.. this 100 dollar more expencive product will though or thats a crappy foundation buy this one for only 50 dollars more to get the coverage you need! You know there only yanking your chain.
March Exaple:
Ultra. i Love that store but heavens sake! The people there JUMP DOWN MY THROAT from the second i stepped in the place! Luckly i knew what i wanted or i would have been talked into things i didnt even know i needed!

Unfortinuatly, i dont have a 2nd dont on the list this month. In the future I'll try and do at least 2 of each, but this month thats all i've come across!
Thanks for reading and hope this helps! God bless!

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