Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Maddenss!

Flip flops, Flip flops and more flip flops!
What girl has too many flip flops? (dont ask my mother that question!) I love old navybecause there soo colorfull and affordable!

Next on the march madness list is BATH AND BODY WORKS!!! Idk which is worse old navy addiction or bath and body addiction i found soo many good deals on my most recent shopping trip, i just had to share!! First, Candles. Their candles can get pricy, but i walked in and i saw a sign that changed everything! It said, and i quote, "2 for $20" I almost fainted! ok i was being a little dramatic there but still! Their spring candles smell like tropical paradise! There amazing! The two i ended up going with were Carribean escape (above), and Island margarita (below)!
And my final March Maddness splurge was the one and only bath and body collection of new fragrences.......
These were buy 2 get one free, and orginally i was going to choose my favorite and get the whole collection of this, the body wash and lotion, but i couldnt decide what one was my favorite. I had to have them all! They all smell soo goood! I for sure plan on going back and purchacing the whole set to all of them. I am going to the bahammas this summer and i wanted one of these ones to take with me and i think i am going with Hawaii Coconut! I think its my favorite! Ill be sure to do a review once i get my hands on the lotion and body wash ;)!

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